A National League Hockey Club, part of Holcombeians Sports Club     

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21/09/19 10:00Ladies 4 XIAwayBBHC 3rd
21/09/19 11:30Ladies 1A XIAwayAshford
21/09/19 11:30Mens 2 XIPitch 1Canterbury 3rd
21/09/19 12:00Mens 3 XIAwayCanterbury Millers
21/09/19 12:00Mens 5 XIPitch 2Canterbury Squires
21/09/19 12:00Ladies 3 XIAwayBBHC 2nd
21/09/19 13:00Mens 4 XIPitch 1Canterbury 5th
21/09/19 13:00Mens 4A XIAwayCanterbury Griffins
21/09/19 13:00Ladies 1 XIAwayClifton Robinsons
21/09/19 13:30Mens 6 XIPitch 2Canterbury Friars
21/09/19 14:00Mens 2A XIAwayCanterbury 4th
21/09/19 14:30Ladies 2 XIPitch 1BBHC
21/09/19 18:30Mens 1 XIAwayUniversity of Exeter

Become a member

Whether you want to start playing hockey, have moved into the area, or wish to pick up a stick again, Holcombe HC is the club for you. You will always be made to feel welcome at Holcombe Park. If you wish to join, please get in touch with one of the following members:

Carmel Sutton, Club Vice-Chair (Ladies)
Brian Field, Club Vice-Chair (Men)
Mark Newman, Men’s Team Secretary
Sean Parker, Director of Junior Hockey
Gary Wellings, Vets Team Manager
Adrian Hull, Umpire Co-ordinator
Rich Hurst, Back to Hockey

Or, Jon Rye, Club Chairman.