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Final Words on 2004 Mixed Summer League

This years’ summer hockey has probably been the best interclub mixed hockey to date. With 20 games played and over 120 goals scored, every game was well spirited and full of goals. Thanks to all those who took part in running the event, namely:- #-Our sponsor, #*The Reprographic Warehouse# for supplying the excellent quality playing shirts and prizes. Thanks to Ross Snell for coming to the presentation and handing out the prizes.# #-The five captains: Mark Newman, Mutz Kahn, Mike Rudd, Digby & Tina Lund and Louise Cassey for making the phone calls to the players and making sure the games happened.# #-Jon Rye, for initially reviewing the strength of the sides and also liasing with the press to ensure good press coverage for the event.# #-Thanks to all the umpires for enforcing the toned down rules and ensuring safe play. There were no major injuries on the playing field so the summer rules seem to work. Thanks to Jim Lockhart, Adrian Hull, Gaz Wellings, Jon Rye, Mick Guard, Mike Rudd, Mutz Kahn, Andy Stiff, Ron Garbett + any others I've forgotten# #-Thanks to all those for helping with the bar namely Chippie & Lucy, Mike, Gary Owen, Mitch, The Rye’s + any others that did their bit.# #-Thanks to Mike Haines and Gary Owen for organising and cooking the barbecue on the last day. Excellent work chaps creating a great spread of food.# The final positions in the league are as follows:- #-5th – Green Team# #-4th – White Team# #-3rd – Blue Team# #-2nd – Red Team # #-and the winners were the Black Team.# The captains nominated individual team players of the season as listed below:- #-Red Team – Richard Zeraffa# #-Blue Team – Nicki Lockhart# #-Green Team – Chris Major# #-Black Team – Mark Millward# #-White Team – Mark Smith# Finally, a thank you to Dave South (Chairman) for coming up the club to make the presentation speech. #*Departing Comments# This year will be my last year organising the summer hockey (mixed and vets). After three years of organising and running the two events, I have decided to step down and make way for new blood. It is not a huge effort to organise these events as I have various spreadsheets and databases in place for calculating the sides and organising the fixtures that can be passed on to the new organiser. The new candidate will only have to organise one of the events as the job will be split into two. Please do not rely on somebody else to step forward and take on the role. If no-body takes it on, there will be no summer hockey which would be a great loss to the club. Thanks again to everybody that has helped out over the years. Long may summer hockey continue. #*Andy Parry Departing Summer Hockey Orgainser#

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