A National League Hockey Club, part of Holcombeians Sports Club

The HTA is powered by Teamo to host all administrative and financial processes. We are pleased to be able to provide a short guide to register to the HTA Teamo platform for your reference.


PLEASE NOTE: You will not be required to register to Teamo for any Talent ID events. You will only be asked to do so upon receiving a letter informing you of a successful trial to join the HTA. 

This application will ask you to complete a registration form to help us to understand member information, necessary medical information, and emergency contact information. Please note that if you are already registered to Teamo with another club, you will still need to complete registration to the Holcombe Talent Academy database. Please make sure that you sign up using the same member information (i.e., email address, telephone number etc.) to allow Teamo to recognise your individual profile, you can then switch between club and the Talent Academy databases in a few clicks.


England Hockey is committed to making sure non-performance barriers such as finance do not hinder a person’s ability to access a Talent Academy. To support Talent Academies, England Hockey have developed a set of principles to help ensure they create and deliver a financially sustainable model.

The HTA is a not-for-profit organisation, so any profits are committed to developing the offering we provide to all players involved in the process.

Player contributions fall within a range set by England Hockey and consider the percentage contribution against the cost of running the Talent Academy.

We now operate under a monthly subscription at £40 inclusive of all training sessions for the month. Further, we host match day events and TA Training Camps at a separate cost to the membership which is ticketed/invoiced via Teamo.

The HTA will provide discounted places to reduce socio-economic barriers for those who require financial assistance.

Concessions to the membership subscription are available upon a reasonable request, please email holcombetalentacademy@gmail.com with details of your request for consideration. We also have financial support options available for those who would benefit from support, again all reasonable requests will be considered.

More information on the specific costs of the Holcombe Talent Academy is available when a player is registered to the Teamo database. In the meantime, any queries related to costs should be directed to holcombetalentacademy@gmail.com