A National League Hockey Club, part of Holcombeians Sports Club

HTA is proud to have onboard a wealth of National League & Premier Division experience within the coaching staff, who are excited to be able to share their knowledge and experience with the players admitted to the Talent Academy.

We are committed to supporting the coaching development within our catchment, not just the players. As such, coaches from clubs are welcome to attend and contribute to the Talent Academy set up. If you are interested in contributing to the programme, please email holcombetalentacademy@gmail.com for a more detailed discussion.

All coaches appointed to the HTA undergo regular Safeguarding and DBS checks to ensure we comply with England Hockey regulations. We firmly believe that all young players have the right to be safe and protected from harm. As such, we work closely with the Welfare Team and Holcombe Hockey Club to uphold our responsibilities to the players.

HTA has adopted the England Hockey Guidance on safeguarding and protecting young people in hockey.

If you have any concerns, please contact safeguarding@englandhockey.co.uk and any concerns can be escalated as appropriate.


Our coaching team are briefed under instruction from England Hockey to develop the “Complete Player Qualities”. As such, sessions and Individual Development Programme discussions are designed with the following qualities in mind:


The decision-making capability to use the highly-skilled actions and the teams’ tactics at the right time in the right context to allow the team to achieve their objective at any one moment during the game of hockey.


Detailed level of ability to perform the actions necessary during the game of hockey.


The ability to compete in terms of physical capacity. Including all physical facets of the game of hockey that enable a player to perform optimally – Strength; Endurance; Speed; Nutrition & Hydration.


The skills required to mentally support; motivate and challenge an individual in their quest to pursue excellence.


The level of skills required to be a strong team member.

What does it take for individuals to be a part of these high-performance Talent Academy squads?

Pursuit of Excellence: A recognition and motivational drive to consistently be better.

Relentless Spirit: A way of behaving on and off the field of play which sows an attitude of constant grit and determination.

Embrace Diversity: The recognition of the diversity of player qualities that forge a successful team can’t be underestimated. In understanding that diversity of backgrounds should be celebrated and developing a full range of “superstrengths” can benefit each other and the collective.

Support and Challenge: The need to create a supportive and challenging environment for players to thrive and develop within. Players should recognise the importance they play as individuals in creating such an environment.