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Holcombe Team of the Week – 16th/17th March, 2024

Congratulations to everyone included in the latest Holcombe Team of the Week!


Kendra Long (W2s/W3s) – doubled-up in goal this week.


George Cook (Hawks) – player of the match.

Chris White (MO50s) – player of the match.

Amelia Allen (W5s) – joint-player-of-the-match.

Andy Lumsden (M6s) – player of the match.


Thea Matthewman (W5s) – joint-player-of-the-match.

Erik Hertogs-Vilalta (Heroes) – player of the match.

Phoebe Steele (W1s) – strong performance, scored the winning goal to put promotion in our hands.

Peter Brooks van Zyl (M5s) – player of the match.


Will Maher (Harriers) – player of the match, scored a great goal.

Chris Currie (M6s) – two goals, great performance.


Shannon Drury (W5s) – good performance in goal despite usually playing outfield.

Karen Major (W5s) – joint-player-of-the-match.

Malachy Newlyn (Hurricanes) – player of the match.

Guy Stringer (Heroes) – strong performance.

Kev Smith (Heroes) – excellent display.

Maddie Richardson (W2s) – player of the match.

Max Ferris (M6s) – great performance.


Lucas Ball – umpired and played on Saturday around first-team reporting duties (thanks also to Emma Payne who covered the first half of the W1s’ match with Lucas playing) and then went to a tournament with the under-12 girls on Sunday.

Graham Sutton – unable to play so umpired back-to-back games on Saturday.

Adrian Hull – for his usual umpiring organisation efforts over the week, taking an appointment on Saturday and then umpiring the men’s over-50s Plate semi-final on Sunday.


M5s – Vince Lewis

M6s – Max Ferris

Hawks – Marcus Davies

Harriers – Lucas Ball

W2s – Sophie Eldred

MO50s – Ian Hinks